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Treating pigmentation with Pro-Stamp®

Pigmentation indicates areas of the skin that have become darker in colour, due to excess production of melanin (skin pigment), than the surrounding skin which results in a patchy or uneven skin tone.

There are many factors that influence pigmentation. Typically, it is not just one factor. Some factors include:  UV (sun) exposure, Hormones, Pregnancy, Photosensitisers, Post inflammatory e.g.: trauma/burn.


How can Pro-Stamp help?

Pro-Stamp can increase the absorption of ‘skin lightening actives’ through transdermal delivery.  As mentioned previously needling restores keratinocyte function, which normalizes cell to cell signalling with melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) thus normalizing the amount of pigment the skin produces which evens out the skin tone and colour, leaving the skin more radiant. 





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