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How does skin needling work?

Skin Needling

The purpose of skin needling is the stimulation of new collagen production in your skin. The needling device pricks the skin multiple times to stimulate regeneration via the wound healing cascade. The body responds to this trauma by sending blood to the area for healing. Blood platelets release clotting factors, cytokines, and essential growth factors.

The fibroblasts are activated. When this happens, the fibroblast undergoes cell division and produces collagen, elastin and Glycosaminoglycans which are responsible for firmness, tightness, plumpness and good hydration. As the skin repairs itself, new collagen builds up in the Papillary Dermis (middle layer) just below the surface. This is only one benefit of this treatment.

Micro-trauma of the skin appears to reset or reboot cellular function.

Pro-Stamp® Can Treat Multiple Skin Conditions Effectively

  • Wrinkles & Lax Skin
    Wrinkles & Lax Skin

    Reduce facial lines and wrinkles, smooth and firm skin...

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  • Acne

    Trigger natural responses to minimise breakouts and normalise skin function...

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  • Pigmentation

    Restore cell functions which produce melanin to even out skin tone...

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  • Scarring

    Break down scars to remodel and smooth damaged skin...

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  • Stretch Marks
    Stretch Marks

    Encouraging collagen to smooth stretch marks and reduce their appearance...

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  • Enlarged Pores / Texture
    Enlarged Pores / Texture

    Clears and tighten pores, smoothing texture for a more radiant skin...

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  • Rosacea

    Reduce redness and strenghten to create an even toned, less reactive skin...

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