• Advanced Skin Needling System

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Points of Difference

  • The Pro-Stamp® has a powerful 12V, 3 speed handpiece which delivers thousands more needle perforations per stamp.
  • Pro-Stamp® is a battery powered, cordless device allowing technicians to work efficiently and with ease.
  • The difference is that this system delivers vertical insertion of needles at a powerful 12V, so no dragging of needles causing micro tearing of the skin.
  • Significantly reduces trauma making skin rejuvenation safe and natural with faster healing time.
  • Pro-Stamp® is for professional use only.
  • The Pro-Stamp® system will help your business to have a point of difference, as this is the only skin needling system of its kind.
  • Pro-Stamp® has a skincare range to support your treatments.
  • Efficient procedure times to help generate more income.
  • Offer skin rejuvenation treatments for all areas of the face and body. 
Shipping & Supply
Shipping & Supply

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Ongoing Support
Ongoing Support

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